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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Semester 2 begins

Well, began. 

I had my first classes yesterday. It was the longest I've been at school possibly ever - my first class was at 0800 and my last class went to 1700. Yuck, a full workday! The morning started with Psych and the prof seems exactly like a psych prof should. Kind of offbeat, a little crazy, kind of distracted. She started the class by challenging us to memorize everyone's name by the time she did and she said anybody who could would get a 1% bonus mark. Then she went through the class of 60ish (maybe more) students and tried to memorize all our names. She'd stare intently at each person and say their name 5 or 6 times. It was intimidating at best. I lost track of people after the first row - I don't remember names very well! This went on for about 25 minutes, and then I got bored and went for coffee.

The second class seems a bit (a lot) fluffy. It's Professional Communication. The prof asked if anyone had taken a communications class before - I put my hand up. She then asked if anyone actually liked it - I put my hand down. I hated Comm, probably because a lot of it comes easily to me. I'm not one of those conversational freight trains that yammers on and on and cuts people off, and it's pretty obvious what someone's feeling when I talk to them. Anyway. She promised it would be an improvement on what I was expecting from Comm. I think it'll be a lot of sharing and kumbaya, but a good GPA boost and the prof seems normal so we'll see.

The third class - omg! It's micro and I'm terrified/in love with the prof. What a weird combo. I was sitting with a girl and we were discussing how you could often tell what a prof would be like by what they wore to lecture. The prof walked in wearing a suit jacket, tie, and knee-length skirt, black hose and sensible shoes. She had her hair pulled back in a tight bun. Yikes! And she was just like you'd expect. A total drill sergeant. What a far cry from last semester's Anatomy prof! She doesn't really use PowerPoint (gasp) - she actually uses the whiteboards. All 3! With different colored pens! And neat writing! What is this freak of nature?! It was a 3 hour lecture and I was totally alert the whole time - partly because she kind of yelled the notes at us. What a unique concept, for a science instructor to teach the material instead of just read off the ppt! I'm so impressed. And terrified, as I've mentioned.

I was looking forward to coming back this semester after the Christmas break. I feel rejuvenated and ready to go. I'm SO looking forward to clinical, and my first lab is on Friday. Yay actual nursing class!

I've been a good girl and caught up on my readings so far this week. Operation Keepmyshittogether is in full swing!


artillerywifecq said...

I loved micro, its actually my first degree, nursing is my second. Sounds like the beginnings of a good semester. You will be busy but you will manage. Once you hit nursing classes it only gets harder. From my experiance all psych profs and nurses are bat-shit crazy, but most are fun.

Drofen said...

Yelling of notes. Not so much fun. I can yell the notes in my head thank you very much.

Good luck this semester!

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