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Thursday, January 15, 2009

A little honesty is the best policy, or so I hear

It's official. I've been avoiding all of you.

I'm not sure why, and it's not because I don't love you (because I definitely do, even you lurkers who never say anything!), but I have been in a serious funk these first couple of weeks of 2009.

A big part of it is, as some of you long-time readers may recall, that I'm not the most socially gregarious person in the world. I tend to avoid meeting new people when at all possible and prefer to hang out with myself for company (especially for studying, which I do 16/7 these days). Just about the only people that I actually want to hang out with are my parents and my boyfriend. I'm just terrible at meeting new people! 

Most of my friends from last term are in entirely different classes than me... and I really need to work up the courage to say hello to someone. Anyone. Logically I know that people aren't all looking at me going oh, her, the creepy loner girl. Yet paranoia kicks in and that's just what I think. How messed up am I?!

Does anyone have advice for me? I know I'm being ridiculous but I can't seem to help it. My self-esteem is ankle-high. 

Anyway, on to bigger and better: 

Monday is my first clinical EVER!!

I am going shopping this weekend for scrubs and shoes. Rules: no pastels, no prints. Those aren't school rules, but they are definitely mine :) I'm thinking navy, or maybe Kim-tinky-winky-purple*
That's a reference to Kim, of As The Pump Turns, whom I adore and will sorely miss reading her blogs

The first day is from 0700 to 1500 and we are going to play scavenger hunt for our first time on the unit, to help us locate all the goodies. In lab tomorrow we are learning to take histories so we might get to do that too, although I think I just might soil myself when I am looking my first patient in the eyes. Extra scrubs? Yes, I believe that would be a splendid idea.

Ye Gods, I could have gotten The Awful One for clinical. I would have switched out, I'm pretty sure. My actual clinical instructor seems normal, yet very manager-esque, so hopefully that doesn't hinder honesty. 

Side note: I freakin' hate listening to HRspeak, with such gems as:
  • Let's take this offline, hmm?
  • I'd like to see you really bring it 360 for the presentation (huh?)
  • This really appears to be a great learning opportunity for both of us!
  • Some of you outliers have a greater opportunity than others!

Anyhoo, since you're all dying to know, I scored 90% on my first quiz of the semester (yay!) and have so far been very good about keeping up with the readings... although I have several chapters to plow through before tomorrow.

That said, I bid you adieu until Monday at the latest because I will be recapping my VERYFIRSTCLINICALEVEROMG

P.S. Thanks to everyone who comments on my posts. I know they aren't the most interesting or hilarious fodder around but it's very kind of you to say something anyway :)


Somnambulant Student Nurse said...

You have no rules on what scrubs to wear, at all? I'm envious! Ours are fine from waist up - royal blue with the University school of nursing emblem embroidered on. But we have to wear white bottoms. We all look depressingly alike.

KLS said...

Ok, about the self-esteem...I've never been overflowing with it either, but as I've aged (I'm sooo ancient at nearly 38...lol), I've gained more. LIke wine we become better with time. It helps that some things you care about at different ages become not-so-important as you walk/run/sprint through life. Wouldn't you agree you've evolved from the person you were at 18 into a stronger woman at your current age?

Believe you me, your posts ARE hilarious!

KLS said...

OH, and yeah, must be nice to be able to choose your scrubs. Take a peek at the ghastly crap we HAVE to wear:



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