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Monday, January 19, 2009

Ok, the scrubs saga

I know I said I'd post it yesterday, but a good friend called me up and wanted some her-time. "Yes, for an hour," said I, knowing that it would probably end up going until night time. Which it did. 

Weekend? Shot!

Anyway, about the scrubs. So I had been making huge hints to my mom for the last 6 months that I would need scrubs to wear for clinicals but I have so very little (insert tear) disposable income and wouldn't she please help me?

Of course she agreed so we went out Saturday on a medical shopping spree of sorts. I only bought a few pairs of scrubs and shoes. The stethoscope and other gear will have to wait until after March break.

So we went to the store that everyone was talking about because we get a student discount there. I'm normally a large so I pulled a few different colors that I liked of various brands. There were all KINDS of colors - acid green, bubble gum pink, code brown... not so many that were attractive.

The first pair I tried on were Mobb, the ones that I thought I'd like the best. First - the material was crap. It was scratchy polyester, very thin. I put on the top first and it was like I'd just eaten ten bowls of lard. I looked fat. Like for real. Self confidence puddled somewhere around my feet. OMG! My mom and I looked at each other - were they supposed to fit this way? Maybe they were meant to make me look like a whale. I pulled on the pants and had a delightful new FUPA. Yay. I could not get those off fast enough!

The next pair were Koi pants (the Lindsey ones). The fabric was really comfortable, they seemed sturdy enough, and the rise was normal. I wasn't entirely stoked about the slightly tapered leg. Altogether though they looked ok and had a ton of pockets, so I got a pair of those in navy.

Let me just add - WTF is with these designers? Stacy and Clinton would be ashamed. Tapered legs, elastic waistband that goes up to my bra, built-in FUPA pouch, every top looking like it's designed for maternity wear? The only tops that fit good were covered in a barf-inducing dizzying floral pattern? Truly. I might just have to pull apart a pair and make my own scrubs.

So, dejected, I bought the Koi pants (which were OK... not the best, but wearable) and a Cherokee top that fit my top but was sadly patterned with flowers and boxes. $78 for the two.

We then swung by Mark's Work Wearhouse, which, if I remember correctly, is a Canadian phenomenon along with Can Tire and Tim Hortons. I had heard they carried scrubs, so we thought what the hell, let's go see what they have there. My hopes were not especially high.

I tried on a few pairs and other than the fact that they fit HUGE (as in, I am normally a large but I fit a small), they actually were flattering! I looked like I wasn't a box and there was no excess pouches of fabric in sight. So I got two more pairs there. And they were, like, a third the price of the Koi/Cherokee combo. HealthPro is the brand, I think, and I'm definitely a believer of Mark's.

As for shoes, we stopped by a local store that came highly recommended by my dad because they make his orthotics. I think the really great service I was expecting was helping someone else, because I got a girl about my age who appeared to know sweet dick all about shoes. I asked her what the nearby hospital staff wore and she just pointed at all the white shoes on the wall. Big help...

I did eventually settle on a pair of New Balance walking shoes, but it was tough to tell as they didn't have my size in stock and will order it in for me. So in the meantime we got a cheapass $10 pair of white shoes that will have to do for a couple of weeks.

Anyway, it looks like I spent way longer writing this post than I planned, and I had better get moving.

The next time you hear from me, I will be a for real nursing student with actual hospital experience!!


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