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I'm a twenty-something Canadian student. After stumbling through a few years of college, I finally managed to get into the nursing school of my dreams, where I hope to graduate in 2012 with a nursing baccalaureate degree. I want to offer an honest look into how a modern nurse is educated, both good and bad. Eventually I hope to compare my education to my day-to-day career and see how it holds up. Whatever happens, it should be somewhat entertaining. Find me on allnurses.com!
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Hey, You! Spam Guy!

I (and every other blogger I know) have been getting a lot of email requests asking me advertise or repost things I do not care about or wish to endorse. I do not make any money off this blog - any endorsements I may make are strictly because I am personally pleased with the results.

I DO NOT and WILL NOT repost anything someone emails me. If I want to link to something, I will find it myself.

If you want to spread the word about something, make your own blog!

All spam received at my blog email is deleted without reading.
Thursday, January 15, 2009

P.S. Eww

I've been getting a creepy amount of traffic from various Asian countries inquiring about how to go about 'break ing the hy men al ri ng' (spelled properly, but I don't want to generate even more traffic) and also pictures of said breaking.

This is in the last few days.

Is there a note stuck to my back or something?


WardBunny said...

Weird..... This through google? I sill haven't figured out how 'Bread Websites' found me.
If it makes you feel better your blog isn't on the UK google's front page for that search.........

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