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Friday, October 10, 2008

To your left,

you will see me, wearing a mask and snorkel. 

I figured that my nouveau-Florence above is getting a little worn and isn't all that personal. So I changed it on Twitter and then I put it here too. Please don't be a creeper and stalk me like that one guy did. I'd put up a more, uh, normal picture except that I'm planning on being honest on this blog and don't want to deal with any instructor drama if I'm ever 'outed'. After all, Not Nurse Ratched, whom I have a huge Apple crush on, has already been down that very unpleasant road... I'd rather not go there too.

The snorkelling was in some Cuban waters... my first time in the sea! God, diving is hard when you are buoyant. I'm holding a shell in the pic, which you can't see, and I was very proud of actually getting to the bottom to grab it.


Tiffany said...

Snorkeling is so much fun! I cant wait for school to end so I can plan a nice vacation and do more of it....

Great picture! I would love to see one of that shell!

undergrad RN said...

LOL the shell is pretty ugly and broken. It was the only one I could find :)

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