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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Why I can't wait to get out of low-wage jobs.

An open letter to those who use any chance they get to be socially inept (and more than a little creepy).

Dear Freak:

I am happy that you finally reached a technical support rep who speaks - how did you put it? - "American". I'm even happier that I was able to fix your ancient computer's innernet connection and get you back onto your AOLs. I know that missing out on a long night of internet poker games would have been really detrimental to your customer experience. You might even have asked to speak to my manager had I not come to a quick resolution with the teeny bits of fragmented troubleshooting you let me do! Lucky me.

Lucky you, my company has recently instated a policy which allows you the benefit of contacting me directly via my company e-mail at any time you should so desire. Even better, this e-mail contains both my first and last names so that you know exactly who I am.

However, this is not an opportunity for you to use my name to harrass me on Facebook or Myspace in hopes of developing a relationship (or whatever it is you are trying to accomplish!). In what dimension is it socially acceptable for you to e-mail me a picture of me and my dad? My involvement in your life ended when you hung up the phone. That is all.

*looks wistfully at calendar*

Only 6 months and 18 days until I can get a non-responsible, school-supplemental, menial job at a grocery store or something.

I hope I can make it.


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