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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Props to you, Katie!

While at work, I got reprimanded for being completely absorbed in the Confessions of a Student Nurse instead of serving American customers like a good little monkey. This girl has got the gift of great blogging, and it is almost all very relevant to nursing students. I think I have found my idol for the next 4 years <3

She provided lots of cool tidbits about how to cope with nursing school. Later I will groom through it and pick out some the highlights.

Yeah Katie! You made my day.

Note: The work reprimand was nothing major. They decided to close my entire job site last week so we are all soon to be laid off. It's funny to get reprimanded by someone who is just as screwed a month from now as I am. Funny in a passive-aggressive, sad kind of way...


Emma said...

1 year later here I am addicted to reading Confessions of a Student Nurse while at work. Hee hee so funny, just had to comment :)

Anonymous said...

And now it's several years later and here I am reading YOUR blog! ;)

Take care,
Confessions of a Student (well, no longer a student...) Nurse

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