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Monday, October 20, 2008

Cautiously optimistic

I am confused by how my prof put the marks up on Blackboard, but I think I got 90% on the Discipline of Nursing midterm! Class average was high, 75% I think.

Edit: 88%, which is pretty much my mark across the board so far.

Now, you poor curved people may feel that my marks are, well, mediocre, but so long as I'm ahead of the class average, that's all the encouragement I need. Wow, 5 commas in one sentence!

Today I embarked on my bootcamp regime. Many moons ago when I was in Police Studies, I had buns of steel and could run on the treadmill for over an hour. 2 years of call centre jobs later, I am seriously muffin-topping out of my fat jeans. This will not do for the whole army thing!

I joined a drop-in step class to see what my fitness level was like - yikes is the word.

  • 17:00: step class began. Huh, no one else is covering their midriff. WTF?
  • 17:15: I ran out of steam. 
  • 17:17: My feet would just not move fast enough to keep up with the steps and this girl in front of me was actually smiling the whole time. Not smiling at my crappyness, but like she thought it was fun or something! Sadistic harpy
  • 17:23: I might have audibly farted, but I was way too tired to care.  
  • 17:25: I got my second wind which died at 35 minutes when I thought the class was over. No such luck. 
  • 17:40: I mimed along with some of the less complicated steps and felt like grim death. 
  • 17:50 was some strength training, which was a Godsend 'cuz I sure couldn't take too much more of the cardio part. 
  • 18:00: I staggered down to the changeroom and wept at my inadequacy.

An hour and change later and here I am, feeling actually pretty good now that my pulse has returned to its normal speed and location (i.e. not in my fingertips).

So after embarrassing myself with all the pert, happy shiny, size-XS-Lululemon-wearing, boobs-still-in-the-original place, I do yoga and pilates doesn't everybody hard bodied ladies...

...Competitive streak, engaged. Oh, it's on!


Up To No Good said...

The "too tired to care about audibly farting" thing is hilariously descriptive.

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