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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Grouchy mood

Instructor takes basic concept and spends 10 minutes elaborating on it, saying the same thing in about 7 different ways.

Receives blank stares of boredom from class.

Interprets blank stares as not understanding the basic concept, continues to fumble with trying to explain it, muddying the point further.

Receives even blanker stares of boredom.

Interprets this, not as class-wide apathy, but as a personal mission for her to pound this basic concept into our heads with a half-hour explication complete with web searches.

Listen, lady, if you're going to just change all of the requisites for the group presentation a week before we present, I'm not going to be very sparing with the criticism.


artillerywifecq said...

OMG you must be in my class. This is exactly the case in my community health class. The prof is a complete idiot and just reads her notes but can't think outside the box. The lives in the theoretical world of nursing books and not in the real world. As a friend so well put "I could have blended my notes with some ice and flavoring into a smoothie and crapped out a more cohesive exam"

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