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Friday, June 4, 2010

Stats is done!!!

Wow, I can't believe it. I was up until midnight studying last night. I was using some old practice exams and several of my friends called me up in disbelief because the questions were SO TRICKY!! I finally crashed and then woke up at 4 AM in a panic (after dreaming about variables, yippee) and studied some more. Eventually at 6:30 AM I passed out on my notes for an hour, worked through a few more notes, and then went to write the final.

I was SO STRESSED. I was pale and shaky (not helped by my lack of sleep, I'm sure), and just about in tears before I went in to write the exam. I mellowed out to Aqueous Transmission on repeat while en route to school.

Oddity of the week: While I was walking up to the door, I spotted a strange basket thing on the sidewalk. I got closer to it - it was a baby's carseat. With a baby in it.

I looked around and there was NO ONE in sight.

Just... a baby.

This was about 6 minutes until my test.

I zoomed into the school office and told the bewildered girl that she had to go and do something with the orphan on the sidewalk because OMG I had a final to write.

Last I saw of her, she went out to try and figure out where the baby came from.

The sidewalk was parallel to a small parking dropoff for a daycare so my assumption is someone loaded up the car and forgot the baby...... :S

ANYWAY, I went in to write the exam, and to my IMMENSE RELIEF it wasn't impossible. I mean, it sure as hell wasn't easy. It was still one of the hardest tests I've ever written.... but I was able to answer all of the questions (right or wrong, at least they had an answer!) and I finished in time with about 10 minutes to review my work.

Big shoutout to my amazing man who hooked me up with his copy of the textbook, study solutions guide (infinitely useful!!), and even a full-featured calculator that shaved precious minutes off of my calculations and showed the whole entry line so I could easily double check my inputs!! Better yet when he stayed up till midnight to help me study and offered to come over before work this morning too <3

Immediately after handing it in, I burst into song and we went out to relish the gorgeous afternoon with beers and pub food on a restaurant patio. Management was kind enough to give us a free round of "Crispy Crunch" shots. Tasty!


Glitter Scrubs - Lesley said...

Congrats on finishing!! woo! load off the shoulders i'm sure. no better way to celebrate than pub food and shots haha. love it! Now what the heck happened with the baby?! How scary! If they really did forget to load the kid in the car, those poor parents! they must be devastated! you should've brought the baby into the exam with you hahah.

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