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Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh, Blogger

I had some things I wanted to talk about today but Blogger was down all afternoon. I flirted with the idea of exporting to Wordpress like so many others did. Then it looked like I would have to pay to host my own domain in order to upload my page design.... not to mention all the other headaches involved with changing blog hosts.

Then I thought some more about the future of undergradRN. This blog's purpose has always been to follow my journey through nursing school and allow me to share resources and connect with you like-minded people. Often it has been a therapeutic diary for me. Sometimes I cobble together some resources that people seem to utilize.

After dreaming a little bigger and then weighing the idea of keeping up a higher-traffic site along with the quasi-terror I have about being outed and no longer anonymous, I decided that I am happy with my little slice of the blogosphere. UndergradRN will continue to be hosted right here at undergradrn.blogspot.com.

That said - shape up, Blogger, or I am shopping elsewhere ;)


nurseXY said...

I've actually had excellent luck with Blogger. I moved to Wordpress for a change of scenery with another blog and hated it. Blogger seems to be the most intuitive for me.

Glad you're staying.

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