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Hey, You! Spam Guy!

I (and every other blogger I know) have been getting a lot of email requests asking me advertise or repost things I do not care about or wish to endorse. I do not make any money off this blog - any endorsements I may make are strictly because I am personally pleased with the results.

I DO NOT and WILL NOT repost anything someone emails me. If I want to link to something, I will find it myself.

If you want to spread the word about something, make your own blog!

All spam received at my blog email is deleted without reading.
Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nurses = Handmaidens, get used to it!

Just kidding.

I got some spam email from a company that wants me to advertise their stuff for free. They linked an ebook and I was perusing it with a smirk.

Then I happened upon this golden advice for nurses:
Listen carefully. Sometimes physicians can give orders so quickly and it could be hard to keep up. If you don't understand, make them slow down and go over it, but don't second-guess the doctors. Part of your nursing job involves carrying out the orders of the physician, even if you feel another course of action might be best.
Words from the pros, people. Your professional opinion is worthless. DO NOT QUESTION THE PHYSICIAN.

Now fetch me a cigarette, the chart, and a hot toddy, stat! And pick up my dry cleaning!


Glitter Scrubs - Lesley said...

so much for thinking I was part of a healthcare TEAM. I best not second guess that order for a potassium push even though I would be held accountable for my own actions. Let's see their advice hold up in court. Thanks for the tips, spam mail! ew.

Well it's up to us to be the wave of the future :) I have much more to say and bitch about, but I just finished my last final exam and my brain is all tapped out haha

PS: I have a sunshine award thingy on my blog for you under my most recent post. Thanks for your thought-provoking posts! Hope exam time is going well for you :)

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