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Monday, April 12, 2010


I was up since 3 AM this morning finishing my last care plan for this rotation (mental health). It's a very cool specialty and I'll describe it for you in another post.

The big thing on my mind right now? I FINALLY got the last piece of my application today, from the instructor who so frustrated me on Friday.

This is the position I applied for. I *just* sent the email with my completed application package. It's been over 2 years since I went through the process of applying for a new job and it never gets any easier.

This is actually way worse because it's, like, the real me I'm sending out into the great unknown. It's not some crap job I'm getting to tide me over until I'm ready to start my career. This is my first contact with my future employer, assuming they're still hiring RNs when I graduate and pass the boards.

This IS my career.

The fluttering in my chest is just like it was 2 years ago (nearly to the day - just... wow) when I realized what I was getting myself into:

It's the searing excitement in my chest - I am going to Be. A. Nurse. After so long trying to find a place for myself in the healthcare industry, this is it. I am standing at the very beginning of my chosen path and I am so incredibly ready.

Now I just watch and wait and hope I said all the right things.

*stares at the clock*


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