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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Group Projects

Typically, I hate them, because I've never felt like the group did a better job than what I could have done by myself.

I'm working on my last project for the year (!) which is a group presentation with myself and another girl. It has been AWESOME because we had a total mind meld and worked together like magic. We both contributed equally to the project and helped each other completely.

Project, start to finish = 4 hours.

For the first time, I think I *enjoyed* a group project. Don't tell any of my instructors. I have an image to maintain ;)



nurseXY said...

Oh my goodness, I feel the same exact way about group projects.

lou said...

Yay, thats awesome! I pray I have at least one such group project experiences in my nursing school career. So far, not so much. :P

Lesley said...

Aha! I feel the same way. I've only had one experience where we were all invested in the project the same amount and our mark reflected that nicely.

Otherwise, I think group projects are absolutely ridiculous if an instructor cannot separate my mark from those who have clearly half-assed their way through the presentation riding on other's coat tails.

I hate that no matter how hard you work to learn your slides and perfect your delivery, there's always that person in your group you end up stuck with who you wonder how the hell they're still in this program and they essentially stand up at the front with their finger up their nose and are the reason for pulling your gpa down.

My professional growth and developement class this semester had only 4 assignments and every single one of them was a group presentation. It's safe to say after this class we're all lucky some of us are still friends lol.

PS: I'm totally looking into checking out Oban! Did you live there?! I'm soooo excited! Let me know if you have any advice :)

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