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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


If you venture down to the bottom of this page, you will see that I am officially 20 lbs lighter than I was 6 months ago. I have a single chin now and a jawline (yay!) and I've lost I think 5 inches off my waist and have had to buy new skinny jeans twice, woo hoo!

This is a total endorsement for Weight Watchers. I *really* like the flexibility (sorry, chicken and rice day after day isn't really my style) and I thrive on the accountability. Knowing I'm going to have to get on that scale every Tuesday and be accountable for what I put in my mouth or burned off at the gym the week before is just awesome for motivation.

I am now halfway to my goal of 125 lbs.

It's not the fastest way and it does take dedication and internal motivation (no one is yelling at me to spend money on a meeting, after all), and it has taken me 6 months to get here today, but I can honestly say that the way I look at food is changed forever. Food is fun, yes, but food is also fuel. Maintain equilibrium and you'll never grow out of your fat pants like I did last fall.

Those 20 lbs are NEVER coming back... in fact they can take 20 extra lbs with 'em :)


Nursing Anatomy said...

Congratulations! I know exactly what you're going through, as I recently lost 30 pounds (using weekly appointments with a dietitian, not Weight Watchers, but I can relate!), and when I say recently, I mean with constant vigilance and exercise over the last 9 months. Anyway, keep up the good work!

KLS said...

That's awesome! I really liked WW when I did it a few years ago. Keep up the good work!

undergrad RN said...

Aww! Thanks you guys, I really appreciate that! It just boggles my mind when I compare pictures from January 'til now... I'm excited to see myself in another 20 lbs gone :)

Lou said...

Thats so amazing URN! You do realize that most people (espeically girls) GAIN weight during nursing school right? :) That makes me even more proud of your accomplishments!

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