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Monday, July 20, 2009

Pharmacology + Summer = hmmmm

So pharmacology started up on July 7th. 3 hours a day in the morning on Tuesday thru Thursdays. Not bad, right?

Until I look out the window and the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I can run across the road at break for an iced cap.

Still, it is pretty interesting stuff! The prof is an RN MEd, with no Pharm degree in sight but a bunch of experience so I guess that counts. She has a lot to say about drugs and interactions as she apparently is a chronic pain sufferer from a car accident and is hypersensitive to many drugs. So the stories she has been sharing are... well, scary.

The course is sooo condensed. We learned about drug calculations on Thursday the 10th and had the test on the following Tuesday. The passing grade was 100%! Stress, stress, stress was all I did. The test had a few sneaky questions with infusion that I had trouble with, as there was surplus information such as drip rates and the nurse changing the bag from 750 mL to 1000 mL. So I failed it but luckily I got a redo and was able to just recalculate my wrong questions.

It's not even that the med math is hard... it's not. But it was just so unfamiliar to me and looks different than all my years of algebra and chemistry. Mostly because I'm not used to working with those units or visualizing typically nebulous questions in a way that's very concrete and factual. I mean, when has math or chemistry ever applied to something you're actually going to do, right? So I still feel a little shaky but I have a workbook full of questions that I will brush up on before clinical in January.

So the other thing I've been up to is my new hobby of burlesque. A bunch of girls and I started up a new troupe here and have done a couple of shows so far this summer. I have to say - I freaking love it. At first I was a little shy, but it is just so incredibly liberating and full of verve that I'm hopelessly addicted. I'm always listening to music wondering whether I could use it for a song and envisioning new moves. We have had a total blast and I am finally remembering how much fun performing is! It's full of moves from jazz and ballet, and lots of theatrical parts too!

I'm moving in about a month to a new place as I don't want to live in this apartment after my ex and I split... so I will probably be busy with that and will be lacking internet for a bit! Hopefully I can post some more before then :)

I hope you're all enjoying your summer!


Christine said...

Wow you've been very busy! I feel the same way about dosage and caluclations being nothing like the algebra. I already had one semester of Pharm and Dosage and Calculations and I still had to take Algebra, I am taking it right now... what a waste of time!

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