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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dear Drofen

It's been a rough few days...

Thank you for posting that review of Fireproof. I decided to rent it on iTunes and it really struck a chord with me. Yes, it appears that men really are capable of being real men all on their own and shouldn't require careful prodding from a woman to do the right thing.

I started to realize that I'm a bit of a pushover and I shouldn't have to take the B.S. that I have been, but I keep taking it hoping that everything will be smoothed over in the end. I need to put a stop to that and start demanding the respect I deserve otherwise I may never get it. Well, I don't know if it will work out or not, but I have to trust that Someone has my best interests in mind.

"A real man needs to be a hero to his wife before he can be to anybody else"

You may have started something big in me. Thanks, I think ;)


KLS said...

Kudos to you for figuring this out now. This is something I'm working on and have been married for sixteen years. It hasn't been all bad, but there are some things that need improvement. Fireproof was excellent for its theme.

Drofen said...

I'm so glad you watched the film. I have no idea what your circumstances are, but I wish you the very best in the future! :)

Drofen said...

PS: I'll be praying for you and hubby!

studentrntiffany said...

I loved that movie! The Hubby and I watched it and we both thought it was wonderful!


Tiffany said...

I tagged you in a Nursing post! Stop by and see my challenge!

blogger said...
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