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Monday, March 9, 2009

My stethoscope is here!

Over a month after placing the order, I finally have my 'scope in my hot little hands. It's a burgundy Littmann Master Cardiology over which I hemmed and hawed for a couple of weeks. I read all over allnurses.com and the overwhelming majority of students seemed to prefer the Master Cardio over the other ones, and if you look after it you shouldn't have to buy another one. So I splurged on it (it was just under $300 CAD - $221.82 USD because I got it engraved).

I already detailed my experience with stethoscopes.com a few weeks ago. Would I deal with them again? I don't know. They were very timely about getting my scope shipped out, but it really does just sound like some guy reselling stethoscopes out of his basement. Also - the whole Magna Fortis thing. And $100USD to ship to Canada? LOL! We share a border! It wouldn't cost that much to ship to Russia! They did, however, engrave my scope just like I wanted, with a horse on the chestpiece and my name/school/grad year on the earpiece. So I got what I was after, anyway.

I listened to my heartbeat in various locations for like half an hour already. I don't know how to do anything else. But it sounds cool :)

Yesterday I was at the University library from 1300 to 2300, and I only got through one chapter. It was urinary physiology. Although I accomplished like 1/10th of what I wanted to, I'm glad I was able to work through the chapter because I started it not understanding anything and I methodically worked through GFRs, Na+ cotransport mechanisms, leak channels, aquaporins, medullary countercurrent multipliers, aldosterone and vasopressin, and now I kind of get it. So no, didn't accomplish much in terms of quantity, but I feel pretty good about the chapter that I *did* spend 10 hours on :)

Heading to clinical today at 1300. Probably not going to class tomorrow morning so I can study Micro instead - midterm tomorrow at 1400! Scary.


Lou said...

Yay, you finally have your stethoscope. Woop! Woop! I bet it made clinical saweeet :) I heart Littmann Cardiology's so much! I've compared it to a few other Littmanns and I could hear so much clearer with it. Nice work on getting it engraved. (especially the horse engraving ;) When you say its engraved on the earpiece, what do you mean? On the tubing?

KLS said...


I wanted to let you know I've nominated you for a sisterhood award!

undergrad RN said...

@Lou, I haven't gotten to use my stethoscope yet in clinical, but I'm totally excited. There's this one non-English speaking senile man on the unit and he reeeally wanted us to take BP when we were trying to talk to him! So finally I'll be able to do that, hehe. The engraving is on the tubing right below where it goes into my ears. It looks good but not very noticeable so I might ID tag it as well. Not many people had the one-sided scope so I hope that's not a bad thing.

@KLS Aww thank you!! That totally made my day :D

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