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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meme: What does your stethoscope look like?

I've been tagged by Student RN Tiffany!

Here are the rules:

1) Post a picture of your stethoscope

2) Tell what you love about it

3) Tell what you hate about it

4) Tell me what your dream stethoscope would be

5) Does it have a name?

6) Tag all your nursing friends (Including the one that tagged you) and dont forget to leave a comment on their blog telling them that you tagged them!


1) I already posted a picture of it :) I love my engravings. They're so me!

2) Mostly, I love the fact that it's got the horse engraving and my name/school/grad year. It keeps me connected to the idea that some day I will graduate from this chaos! I also love how loud it is as I can sometimes be a bit hard of hearing. Probably due to my extensive telephone work and the iPod usage that I enjoy whenever possible :) I also love how heavy it is. Shocking, I know, but when things feel flimsy in my hands I just don't feel as confident with them. This guy is NOT flimsy!

3) Bah, the only thing I hate is being the only person in my whole freakin school who doesn't have a bell AND a diaphragm. Everybody's like dude, wtf is wrong with your scope?

4) LOL, I don't have enough experience with them to know what I would change. I like mine. I would REALLY like one that could magically shrink down into my back pocket when I didn't need it!

5) Not yet, but I'm sure it will. We've only had them on the unit twice now! I've called it "My Little Pony" a couple of times. Maybe that will stick. Or how about, "Damn this thing in my pocket digging into my leg!"

6) Oooh I totally tag back Tiffany, little d, Lou, Somnambulant (if you're still blogging these days!), and Wardbunny. I'll comment on your blogs tomorrow to let you know. But for now... I am off to bed!


Tiffany said...

Very nice! I love yours!! And the "my little pony" nickname had me laughing my fanny off!!

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