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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The List

Yesterday I decided it was go time for the remaining items on my to-do list.

I've been trying to get in for a combination First Aid/CPR for HCP (health care providers) course at my school's Life Support Training department. Unfortunately, it would appear that I missed the last spot for the last course they have scheduled by about a month. I tried to call in my registration about 2 weeks ago and the guy at the registrar's office was not hearing what I was saying. He was trying to register me for a re-cert or something. I finally just decided to call the department directly.

The thing is that while the first aid requirement can come from any agency, the CPR (aka BLS - basic life support) can only be taken by a Heart & Stroke approved agency. I spent a few hours researching this topic and it turns out there are exactly 2 providers of Heart & Stroke approved BLS for HCP in my city. One of which was my school, who is sold out. The other is this really schiesty homegrown facility that doesn't offer a combination of First Aid and HCP/BLS. So I'd end up having to take the two courses separately over 4 days. Blech.

I did, however, take my first aid through St. John Ambulance just under 3 years ago, when I first moved to the city and was working as a personal support worker in rehabilitation. The thing is I have noooo idea what might have happened to the certificate that I got. It's good for 3 years, so it would be enough for my entrance into the program. I called the customer service desk and they were able to pull my records, so they will mail me a copy of my certificate. The nice thing about all of this is the first aid is necessary for admittance into the program only, so after I'm in, I can sign up for the combination course through my school and save a lot of hassle.

I also went to the police headquarters for a criminal record check. Something about going there, although I haven't done anything wrong, gives me the heebie-jeebies. Maybe (probably) because the guy at reception talks through glass using a scary microphone. Makes sense for him, I know, but it freaks ME out :) So I should be receiving that in the mail in the next few weeks, and then I am done all my conditional acceptance requirements, yay!


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