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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just in case you were wondering,

I am done everything on my to-do for school list, for now. 

I know some of you read regularly (although you never comment! boo!) and maybe you wonder why the hell I never update. By never, I mean less than once a week. After all, blogs are supposed to be web logs, right? I think people who blog should be writing something at least twice a week, if not more.

The reason I don't is that I know of too many 'themed' blogs that go completely off topic a lot of the time. I can think of more than a few nurse/student blogs that are more of a life play-by-play with a side of nursing. It's certainly their prerogative (it's their blog!) but I personally prefer when they stick to the central theme. I really like the way Heather Keys blogs: she has her personal blog and her nursing student blog, two completely separate entities. Too bad she isn't a student any more, because her blog is what made me want to start my own. I think hers is pretty much the gold standard.

Since I'm not actually in school yet, I only want to update when there is something to update. Which isn't often. Not yet, anyway.

So to those of you who read currently and those who may find me later, there will be updates, many updates, when I have something relevant to talk about. DivaCups notwithstanding, because I thought those were important enough to be mentioned in spite of my self-made subject restrictions. 'Sides, they're kinda healthcare related :)

Next scheduled update: When I receive my registration package, possibly in a few weeks.


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