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Friday, June 13, 2008

The Registration Process

Durrr, no sooner were the words spoken than my registration package 'miraculously' appears.

Turns out it had come in the mail on May 23, and has been living in a pile of junk on DB's desk (darling boyfriend, that is, or perhaps damned boyfriend at this point in time). After much verbal thrashing on my part, I eagerly ripped open the package to reveal a guidebook and nursing information packet including different course and section numbers. There was also a scratchpad schedule sheet and the requirement of a pencil and eraser. Boy, did I need it.

Registration officially opened on June 5th of this year. The package was mailed out early to give students time to get their classes organized in a way they like. I guess the theory was to have everything ready to go at 22:59 on June 4th, ready to pick the classes you wanted and when.

Yes, well, that would have worked for me except that I didn't get a chance to register until today (thanks, dear). So, I had quite a time planning out a schedule that made at least a little sense and hopefully didn't have me waiting around at school for hours and hours between classes.

I spent about an hour tweaking the schedule to just where I liked it, and logged in to register for the classes... behold, they are all full. Crud. So I went back to the scratchpad and rearranged them again, to a less-perfect schedule, but workable.

So, for the first term from September 'til December, my schedule reads thus:

0800 to 1000 - The Discipline of Nursing
1100 to 1400 - Human Anatomy
1400 to 1530 - Language and Literature

1100 to 1400 - Human Physiology I
1400 to 1530 - Foundations in Health

0800 to 1000 - Discipline of Nursing again
1400 to 1530 - L&L again

1400 to 1530 - Foundations in Health again

So I really can't complain. I probably will complain, at length, to DB to try and score some extra guilt points (hee hee). No Fridays, no weekends, nothing after 1530. The only bitch is that 4 hour block of nothing on Wednesday, and the single class on Thursday. In my experience, large blocks of time waiting around and single 1.5 hour classes may lead to the GPA-lethal "I think I'll skip that one" syndrome. Especially in winter.

In the second term from January to April, it goes thus:

All day, TBD: Clinicals! a.k.a Nursing Practice Foundations
(Something about that word makes me feel just SO nursing student)

0800 to 0930: Introductory Psychology
(For which I hope to get advance credit and avoid entirely)
1100 to 1230: Professional Communication
1400 to 1700: Microbiology for Health Professionals
(Whee! That's me!)

Wednesdays are OFF!

0800 to 0930: More psychology
1100 to 1230: More communication

0800 to 0930: My clinical lecture, presumably to review how our day went
1200 to 1400: Nursing Practice Foundations Lab, no idea what this may entail. Re-enacting various procedures,  or perhaps commiserating in our confusion? :)
1400 to 1700: Human Physiology II

Yes, Friday will be pretty hard core. But days off in the middle of the week are very good for recharging batteries, or even for getting a full shift in at work.

There is a third term during May, which I'm sure I'll be very sick of by then. It's Monday to Friday, 0900 to 1200.

The total sum for (only) tuition for next year? $6,837.25 ... can't leave out that extra quarter, right? *eye roll*


Katie said...

Looks like a pretty decent schedule, especially for enrolling late! ;)

Take care,

CyNurse said...

$6,837.25? That's a lot. And to think I balked at the idea of having a 40,000-peso (approx. USD 909) for a semester in nursing school in the Philippines.

Oh well, I wish you good luck in your studies. And even if how busy you are with school, keep the posts coming:)

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