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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vascular Surgery, Day 2

Second buddy shift down. I had the same RN to shadow. It was a great day, lots going on!

Tomorrow I am taking my first patient, an older guy with rectal cancer who had a new ileostomy created. It'll be the first ostomy I've cared for. My instructor doubles as an ICU nurse when she's not teaching and expects solid research from us about our patients. I am happy about that - patho doesn't REALLY make sense to me until I see it manifested in a patient.

So LOTS of research to do tonight on ostomy care, cancer disease processes, head to toe assessments, and meds. Sooooo many meds.



Cartoon Characters said...

it's interesting how things change. When I was a student nurse, we were told by our instructor not to wear gloves when caring for any "ostomy" because "it would make the patient feel like it was dirty"...

undergrad RN said...

*shudder* because poop is so clean right?? yech.

Honestly, if I were a patient, I would want my caregiver to wear gloves, otherwise I would feel dirty on their behalf...

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