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Monday, February 14, 2011

Flu or something


Luckily it hit immediately AFTER my weekly mandatory lecture at school, saving me some BS "make up" assignments. Regrettably I had to miss my riding lesson. I was working on leg yielding last week and maintaining canter leads on a figure 8 (i.e. not allowing geriatric old showhorses to autochange) and I was really looking forward to trying some more.

Right now I am febrile, nauseous, and experiencing some awesome muscle aches. I heard that influenza doesn't really make people nauseous so I am hoping it is not that. Rough timing as I really need to be awesome this week, in order to impress my instructor enough that she provides a decent reference for me in my UNE application due sometime this month.

Buddy shift tomorrow and I am hoping I feel up to it; shift is 1530-2330 so I have some time yet.

Since I am not riding.... next best thing!


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