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Thursday, October 21, 2010


Guess who's going on an all-expenses-paid conference trip to sunny Saskatoon?

This girl, right here!

Oh, I have horseshoes up my ass.

I am SO excited about this. I've never been to a conference before. It's next weekend and I will share all.

There are several workshops but the two I am most interested in are Family Centered Care and Nursing the Future. Looks like there are also some perks like a job fair and stuff - not that it will help me much as a 3rd Year but it will help me pick the recruiter's brains and find out some things that could help me land a job in a year and change.

Thank you everyone for your positive vibes. I was reading back through some of my old posts and I am so glad I started this blog. It's really helped to remind me how far I've come.


Raspberry Stethoscope said...

Congratulations!! I've been to two conferences. The first was in nursing school and our whole clinical group drove to Daytona for the Student Nurses association. It was fun, but a lot of my group didn't want to partake as much as I did. And my second conferences was this past May. I wish I had blogged about it more because it was truly amazing. I won an all expense paid trip to Washington, DC for the American Association of Critical Care Nurses National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition. HUGE! 7,000 critical care nurses. Amazing!! Have fun.

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