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Sunday, October 3, 2010

C25K, legitimately!

Hi everybody :) 
a) Yes, still here
b) Yes, still in nursing school! 
c) Yes, still busy as hell. 

I did however have time today to run my very first 5K.

Drofen aka NurseXY inspired me some months ago to try the Couch to 5K program, with great success! I am only on Week 7 of the program; I was able to run most of the 5K with 3(ish?) walking breaks to bring my HR back down from the mid-170s.

Total time: 0:36:15, with an approximate 12:00/mile pace, which would be at least a minute off of my fastest training time and running on the road to boot! (I have an unhealthy attachment to my treadmill at 2% incline)

I miss everyone! I miss blogging! I shall return with some excellent nursing school stories... (or pictures, and those are worth at least 1.5 stories each ;)

Also, I am soon-to-be volunteering in Emerg! Oh, thank goodness. I feel like real nursing skills are missing from my day to day.

I have, however, been creeping all of your blogs. Thanks for the nursing fix. I can't BELIEVE that so many of you are already RNs or nearly there! I have 2 years to go! 


No, seriously, congratulations. Now hurry up and pick a specialty and write about it so I can make up my mind!

As an aside, I have discovered several unmoderated comments which will be moderated within minutes. Sorry about that... I don't delete any comments except spam ones, but I don't check the older posts as often as I ought.


nurse XY said...

Holy smokes, so proud of you!

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