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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Midst of Midterms

Oy, I am so over this semester. There, I said it. It's not that I dislike any of the courses, I'm just undergoing utter burnout from work/school stress. I just flat out don't care about my marks in Psychology. How bad is that? It's a totally easy course with a class average of 80%+ but I put zero effort into studying for the midterm and got 77%. I'm terribly ashamed but still can't summon the energy to care much one way or another. I've been engaging in a lot of self-talk lately trying to pump myself up for powering through finals. I have a Micro and Phys midterm on the week after next and I seriously need to study. I feel like I don't know anything! So that's my plan for this weekend: around the clock power hours.

I had such a great time at clinical this week! Because we had our hygiene lab the week before Reading Week, we were finally allowed to assist with patient hygiene. Well, everything except perineal care. It was our first full 8-hour shift and lucky for me my new shoes were finally delivered. They're some kind of New Balance walking shoe and because of my high arches I got some fancy inserts for them. I tell you, it was like magic. I was expecting all kinds of joint pain because I'm not really used to standing up for long periods, but I got home and my feet were a little swollen but not tired at all. And the next day I felt great! So far, so good.

I'm heading out of the house for some time well spent with my extended fam (we jokingly called it "Coffee Club" where we meet up at a Second Cup every Saturday and take over half of it for a few hours and catch up with everyone... and the name stuck) and later today I will be posting up the sordid details of my clinical experience as well as the, uh, metabolic-waste-ly fun of lab this week.



Robert D. said...

You can do it! I definitely can relate to the challenge of staying motivated, try to think about grad school, or why you need to go to grad school to get a dream job etc. That is how I actually studied for "Food, Place and Geography", somehow the food wasn't enough. hA.

It is also great you have friends to support you. Hope you had a great saturday!


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