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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy belated anniversary

To me! undergradrn.blogspot.com turned one year old on February 1. One year ago I was working for a faceless corporation, facing a layoff, x'ing out the days in my calendar, longing for September and feeling like it would never come.

One year later and I am a changed person. I have a steady, well-paid job that I am grateful for and which is allowing me to work through my education. I have many new friends and I have a sense of belonging at my school. I've weathered a long-distance relationship for 6 long months (soon to be 8!).

I've learned a lot about nursing, too. I always knew it took a special kind of person, but my focus was always in the heart of a person. I never realized how tough school would be or how many (oh God how many) long and lonely hours I would spend studying in the library. A nurse is a skilled job for sure, and with each passing day part of me is less sure that I could ever be skilled enough to do it. Another part of me is sure I can and can't wait to feel capable.

So to my readers, old and new, thanks for sticking around. We've still got another 3.5 years to go, though, so stay a while!


artillerywifecq said...

congrats and happy anniversary! You are a pleasure to read. I feel the same way, not too long ago I was frustrated and fed up, now I have a job I love and can grow with. WHOOT!

prnpenguin said...

Happy anniversary. Do you sometimes feel like you've blinked and wonder where the time has gone...?

As for not being sure about whether you can do it, I was once told by a someone with more experience in their bowel movements than I have in my body, that they would rather work with a new grad who is cautious and questions whther they can do it, than a confident newbie that thinks they can do anything.

Good luck.

Drofen said...


I can't wait to read more! :)

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