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Thursday, November 6, 2008

I love this place

My bed, of course.

I am curled up with my laptop, reading everyone's blogs, and it's quarter past nine on a Thursday. I must say, my bed is hands-down my favorite place to be. We bought a bitchin' new mattress last January for a mere $900, and it is like sleeping on a big, awesome marshmallow.

So I've been thinking about how a mere year ago, I was just going through the painful early-acceptance rejection from my program and sticking it out so that I finished upgrading with top marks. I knew I was kicking ass in school but you never really know. You know?

That part was unpleasant, but I loved going to school each day and essentially redoing my high-school years. All throughout high school, I thought I just wasn't good at academia. No book smarts here. In fact, I had visions of being, like, the only kid in the world without a college education and somehow trying to spin that positively. There were a few people who tried to tell me to straighten up because I could do better, teachers and my parents and so, but my friends were all the same underachievers as me. We definitely know where the power lies for a teenage girl. So when I went back to upgrade high school courses, and the classes actually made sense to me, and I was motivated to take notes and study, and when I wrote an exam it was not how many questions could I fudge the answer to but how to fit my knowledge into the little box to write a short answer, that was probably one of my personal favorite moments. Not an achievement that would get me recognition by anyone else, but for me, very satisfying to shed that label of underachiever.

Anyway, yesterday I was studying Anatomy for 4 hours between classes. We have a test to write on Monday next week, and then because of Remembrance Day, we don't have classes for the rest of the week! Exciting. I really don't know where to start with homework. Since I'm done almost all of my assignments, I guess I'll get myself started on revising for finals.

The test is kind of intense, just in the scope of the information to cover. There's a lot. Axial skeleton, bones of the skull and vertebrae, upper body muscles, facial muscles, blood vessels and nerves, fetal circulation, the heart, lymphatic system, etc. and so forth. I bought a coloring book to help me study and it's been a big help. Yesterday I focused on bones of the skull and it makes it easier to remember where the crista galli is, when you have to find it and color it in.

Sorry if this post is kinda incoherent... I'm still in la-la land. Need to get up in 30 minutes-ish and accomplish something before my Foundations class this afternoon. If I go. There'll be more presentations to day and that professor makes me want to jab highlighters through my eyes out of frustration.


WardBunny said...

The anatomy colouring-in book! It rocks monkeys!

Lou said...

Do you think the coloring book would help me with grade 12 Bio as well? I haven't started it yet (hopefully in a month) so I dont really know how much memorization etc. is involoved in that course. Do you remember? Gee I love having someone to ask advice like this. Thanks sooo much!

undergrad RN said...

You could certainly buy it. You'll need to know all the parts by the end of your Anatomy course anyway. But Bio 30 isn't really anatomyish though - it's about body systems, mostly. Neurons, reproductive, urinary (i think), the kind of structures that you won't find in a normal coloring book because they tend to focus on the specific anatomy of bones and muscles.

To be honest Bio 30 is wonderfully easy :D So long as you show up to class, you're pretty much guaranteed an 80%, in my school anyway!

Lou said...

Oh okay, thanks URN. Thats good to know. Im so please to hear you found Bio 30 easy. I keep having nightmares that I pass Math and fail Bio. Can you imagine? That would be devastating!! :) Thank you for putting my mind at ease!

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