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Thursday, September 4, 2008

The short day

Today I only had to go in for one class.

The class seems really interesting. There are about 40 students in it and the professor is a sweet-sounding nurse, possibly in her 50's. The way she talked to the class sounded like we were at a tea party. It was nice though. You have to really listen to be able to hear her.

She covered some of the course content - it sounds heavily theoretical, with discussions surrounding issues like how some people can be health-concious all their life and still die of cancer at age 45, and others can smoke 2 packs a day well into their 90s. Also topics like is it fair for all to pay for unhealthy (obese, smokers, etc) peoples' healthcare and how is that different from people with chronic conditions who don't manage them appropriately (diabetes).

The class seems kind of fun. Heavy subject matter, but I think we can all use a good debate now and then!

I don't have classes again until Monday. That's when the 3-hour lectures begin. I hope I remember my coffee...


Tiffany said...

Reading your post is getting me soooooooooo excited!! Good luck! My first day starts with Foundations of Nursing. I cant wait!

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