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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 1, complete (and I survived)

This morning my alarm went off at 0630. For many of you I'm sure that's no biggie, but I usually work 3-11 and I was feeling like pond sludge. I haven't been sleeping so well the last couple of nights since I am alone in the apartment and there have been a rash of B&E's with a side of rape in my neighborhood.

The nights have started to get down to freezing so I wore pajamas to bed, but I still refuse to turn on the furnace until the last possible day - have you ever been camping and awaken wanting to never leave your sleeping bag because it gets SO COLD at night? I kinda felt like that!

So I dragged my feet, slothlike, around the house, getting ready for the day. Left all of my textbooks at home - they weigh so much! Poured myself a yummy coffee from my new coffee maker. Then I left for the bus. Of course, I left my coffee on the table. Awesome.

I made the connecting bus to the fancy express one that takes 8 minutes to get to school and it was full! So I had to take another transfer, and ended up getting to class just in time.

This morning it was Discipline of Nursing, from 0800 to 1000. The instructor seems great. She is vibrant and has lots to say. Unfortunately she invited the chair of the program in to give a 30-minute presentation on philosophy. First class on the first day, and we are given a variety of terms including existentialism and humanism. Um, right. The guest speaker had the sweetest little voice that did not command my attention whatsoever and I was falling asleep. I felt bad, but still! Giving a presentation and then telling me that I don't have to learn any of it is basically giving me free license to ignore you completely.

Then I had a 4-hour break until English. My prof seems cute, if that's a word you can assign to someone who holds a PhD..? She's from India and speaks flawless English but sometimes her accent left me a little confused. She also kind of has that totally fluid conversation style that chases tangents every other sentence. This might be a problem, but I shall see.

All in all, a positive first day, and my efforts to outwit my severe introversion have been cautiously successful. Hooray!


cellar_door said...

Hi, just found your blog through wardbunny and noticed you have linked to me...thanks! Am always interested to see how other countries do their nurse training...am also thinking about emigrating to Canada after I've been qualified a bit so will be reading with interest :)

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