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Friday, August 22, 2008


I booked in my respirator mask fit test for October 1. We had received a newsletter about a week ago outlining a variety of odds and ends in the weeks leading up to orientation. A lot of it was just repetition about getting our First Aid and immunization records in on time, et cetera. 

Honestly, if people can't take a hint the first 6 times someone has informed them of the deadline, I question their cognitive abilities. Although I am not expecting it to get any better. Every job I've done has had the "non-mandatory mandatory meeting" crowd, where the boss will say something HAS TO BE DONE BY X DATE, and when 40% of my co-workers haven't done it by a week after, HR extends the deadline again and again until they give up. I'm pretty sure it is a universal feature of working with humans. Might as well get used to it... :)

Anyhoo, I had skimmed the newsletter the day I got it and then it got lost in a pile of to-be-filed bills on the table. I found it again yesterday and read it for real. Good thing, too, cuz I need to be fitted before clinicals in January but they only do the testing on 5 days between now and then! I called right away and picked one of the last days to do the testing. There is just too much going on right now, and if I lose more than 10 pounds I'd have to be tested again. I am planning on losing that much by October 1... 3 years of call-centre-goodness has padded my behind more than I'd like. Good old school gym will whip me back into shape.

First Aid is tomorrow! I'm going to go all stealth and try to take some pictures without people noticing or getting weirded out.

11 days until classes start!!


somnambulant said...

I start the same day you do!

Seriously, I'm getting annoyed at all the stupidity running rampant in my program already. In some, it's just not clicking, while in others, it's just laziness. Either way, it makes me wonder; my program has notoriety for being rigorous and the program director is very strict and no-nonsense. I wonder how long some of the students will last.

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