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Saturday, August 23, 2008

First Aid begins!

Mid-way through the first day. I thought it started at 0900 and I was early; unfortunately it actually started at 0830 and I was late.

That guy at the bottom left has been my partner for a lot of activities. He's about 6'4-ish, and a good 220 pounds. So he's got over a foot and a hundred pounds on me. That was interesting, for the choking scenarios, hehe :)

Those little torsos are strewn all over the room and it looks like a creepy futuristic battlefield...


MKS said...

LOL what the heck is on the movie screen? I work at a First Aid/EMS training institute... so I'm doubly curious!

Remember... push hard and fast. That's all you'll ever need to know! Oh and those pesky ABC's.


undergrad RN said...

LOL it's true. My right wrist is swelled up and super tender. All in a day's work, saving lives, I suppose :D

I think they are showing us how to do CPR via video? We didn't receive very much actual *instruction* in this course...

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