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Sunday, January 29, 2012

I think I hear bells ringing

Yet again, gentle readers, I must apologize for the dearth of posts. This entire fourth and final year of my degree has been ridiculously strenuous. BUT. IT IS ALL WORTH IT. BECAUSE....

YES! I have the most expensive test I'll ever write, and the one that will transform me from mere grad nurse to REGISTERED NURSE!!

In other news I begin my final preceptorship in one short week. This past month I have been in a sort of leadership rotation, paired with a nurse manager at a local hospital, and charged with developing and implementing a massive project. One of my professors called it a "mini Master's," and that is definitely accurate. 40 pages of project research and counting. But I'm not done yet, so I have to get back to that.

I also got my grad photos done on Friday. The photographer was arranged by the grad committee which is purely student-driven. Apparently the faculty were against us getting photos with a nurse's cap - it's not "academic" enough. Well, onerous faculty, the entire academic wardrobe is steeped in history, and the white cap has a long and proud one. There is no question about what degree I graduated with. Everyone knows that I am a nurse.

Plus my entire family squee'd when they saw the pics :) I also wore my STTI honor cords. They looked horrible with the apricot hood for nursing, but what-the-hell-ever, I am one of maybe 5 students who had them.

Wish me luck for the end of this massive project, and I hopefully will have a chance to breathe soon and get back into blogging.



raised by the sea. said...

Eek! I just paid my CRNE fee a couple weeks ago - ridiculous, really. Can't believe that we're both in the home stretch now! Must say though, I'm glad NL has pink hoods for nursing. Apricot isn't really my color. ;)

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