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Saturday, June 4, 2011

IV Start Lab

First we practice on these hole-riddled arms and then on each other! Got my first start on my superkind lab buddy hooray :)

-- from the cellular desk of undergrad RN


Cartoon Characters said...

wow....some of those arms in the background look cyanotic!! The one in the foreground looks tensed up...hahaha.

We never had those things. We didn't even practice on each other. Actually, my first IV start was as a student on a pregnant laboring mom....great big juicy veins...easy start...and i never looked back .... :)

We didn't have the sharps containers either - just a big open bucket in the med room. :(
Can't tell you how many accidental stabs I got as a new nurse. :(

I am lucky to be disease free.

Sean said...

I remember saying to myself how those dummy arms are NOTHING like the real deal. Congrats on the successful stick!

twenty-something-year-old future RN. said...

On each other?! That's crazy! I would never let anyone near me with an IV unless it absolutely had to go in there, lol.

undergrad RN said...

Yeah, it was strange that the school wanted us to do that. They're usually so thoroughly buried in red tape and liability that they'd run screaming if we offered to actually, you know, practice procedures. But this course isn't technically part of the nursing program. It's normally a course for RNs, they just opened it to us because several of us students were hired into placements this summer. So maybe the liability wasn't there.

I'm actually glad that we were able to practice on each other. I knew my lab buddy wasn't going to freak out and ask for another nurse if I screwed it up, and I got to find out for myself that IVs on the hand HURT!!!

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