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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I think my brain exploded

Today was my Orientation.

We spent 7 straight hours going through (literally) STACKS and STACKS of HR stuff, paperwork, and all kinds of tips and tricks for assessing different populations and situations. I have 3 stuffed folders and I think I will take some time to organize them into binders because they seriously gave me some of the best reference material I've come across since starting school - and free!

Orientation was provided by the clinical nurse educator, herself a very knowledgeable ER nurse with floor experience in critical care, trauma, and flight nursing. It was like my assessment course and my acute care course plus lots of extra information all rolled into one day. I was on learn overload. I am SO excited to see this all in action.

I also saw educational videos on some kind of contact-looking-thing that fits over the eyeball and hooks up to NS to flush the eye of chemicals or debris, and how to install/use an intraosseous (IO) infusion set. Then I played with the drill. No needle ;)

So my next step is to book my buddy shifts (2 days, 2 evenings, and 2 nights)... and then after that?? I don't know yet. I don't think the unit manager knows yet, either. It seems like a gongshow-kinda place. I think I've been spoiled for the last 5+ years I've been in quiet offices with orderly HR and management processes...

I sent an email to my other job letting them know what days I was free. I shall see what they say. I am looking forward to not working there anymore, but prudent thinking suggests that I will benefit from working so much this summer, and I can quit with a clear conscience and a full bank account for the Fall term.


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