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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I've been studying too long today

I realized it while I was writing out notes for compartment syndrome.

I got the giggles... which was bad, because I was in the silent study room (and it was actually silent for a change, even with 5 people in there)

And then it got worse. I started crying tears of lol from holding in my giggles to a gentle semi-silent nose laugh, which resulted in me choking on it and making a huge reverberating SNORRRRK sound. I felt the eye daggers fly at me and figured I'd better leave the room to get straightened out. It was just as well because my coffee needed a refill.

For some reason I found my notation of compartment syndrome absolutely and ridiculously hilarious as I transcribed it - using the very same descriptors as the text--

"COMPARTMENT SYNDROME: Occurs when the muscle is swollen and hard on palpation and the pain is deep... throbbing... unrelenting... inside the tight fascia. "

OMG, I might as well be writing some torrid ladyporn romance novel.

I am officially going nuts. Thank you and good night.


nurse XY said...


Zazzy Episodes said...

Hahaha, that is too funny. I got the case of the giggles too last week when my Statistics teacher was explaining to us to use the t-test statistic formula and he told us to "plug and chug", just plug it in and chug it and go. Haha, he also told us that we should use the formula "quick and dirty, with emphasis on the dirty". This guy is a quack! I had the giggles so bad that my eyes were crying and my nose was snotting and my shoulders hurt from shaking up and down. I didn't leave class though; my friend sitting next to me had me going too! Aww the franticness of finals time, gotta love a good case of the giggles.

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