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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CNSA National Team? Mebbe

From my experience at the conference a couple of weeks ago, I discovered there was so much more going on at the student level than I had ever thought. It really is my nature to get involved with everything (one of my clinical instructors described me as a juggler, tossing around so many responsibilities, and turned it into a moral cautionary tale, but I digress). It was only natural, then, for me to want to get involved with CNSA.

I am interested in running for a position as regional director or maybe higher (!) next year, so I was clicking around the CNSA website trying to suss out some kind of information for the next election period. In my hunt, I discovered information pertaining to the National Conference taking place in Hamilton ON next year. Check out those keynote speakers! Tilda Shalof! Jean Watson! Man, I spent the entire summer before nursing school reading Shalof books and being excited about nursing. Not to mention the 5 page essay I wrote on Watson's Theory of Caring a few weeks ago. A-mazing.

Then I realized that there was (yay!) another opportunity for me to attend a conference for free (yay!) if I applied to participate on the CNSA National Team.

From the briefing:
It will be the goal of the 2011 CNSA National Team to explore and debate contemporary issues in nursing and how diversity affects, and may affect, the next generation of nurses.

As nursing students it is never too early to advocate for change and challenge the present and future state of healthcare in Canada – the 2011 CNSA National Team will address the challenges of the contemporary nursing student, how they may be effective in the promotion of change, integration into an “old school” health care culture, and how to effectively manage these diversities.

It is our personal challenge this year to hold a debate on the changing healthcare system and to provide insight into the issue of public versus private healthcare in Canada and the affect it will play on the role of the nurse.
They have assigned a few interesting topics for discussion, and there are some other ones on the table.
  • Public versus private healthcare in Canada, and what it means to us 
  • How we are different or the same as generations past; i.e. technology, traditions 
  • Some of the barriers we face as nursing students, i.e. stereotypes 
  • How can we maintain or improve the quality of health care and advocate for change as needed
  • Our diverse opportunities for work and how can we use them to make a difference in the health of our society 
  • Globalization in nursing

I've never met an essay question I didn't like, so this was a fun and interesting spin on my comfort zone. I can write persuasive position statements without too much effort but the very idea of PRESENTING and DEBATING and DEFENDING those - now that's exciting! And a little nervewracking terrifying!

Those of you who have been longtime readers may remember my philosophy on life - if it scares the shit out of you, DO IT. I try to tackle my fears head on. It's the only way to know exactly what you're capable of. This is the philosophy that got me through solo skydiving, scuba diving, BUNGEE JUMPING (my all time greatest fear - the video isn't mine but it's where I jumped), and the various other questionably-risky behaviour I have engaged in with the intention of figuring out just what I'm made of.

I guess what I'm getting at is this is something that I am, yes, passionate and curious about. I want to discover more about the professionalization of nursing and see how I can be involved. However, and I think most would agree, it's a big jump from idly pondering the future of nursing to defending your ideology in a debate in front of hundreds of peers and nursing leaders.

It freaks me out.

Therefore I applied.

The only real downsides to this opportunity being the giant potential for failure, the fact that I will miss some clinical time, and I will also miss my STTI induction ceremony, qq.

Wish me luck... and feel free to pass on your views!


rdjfraser said...

Hey, just read your post about the B-. That sucks, but don't let it get you down. I'm not proud of them, but can say I've experienced the same and one or two worse marks during my studies. However, it has never stopped me from getting involved and making a difference in the real world, outside of the classroom.

That being said, I saw you applied for the National Team. Good luck! I was on it a few years ago and had a ton of fun. I'm actually going to be at the National Conference this year with some old friends to catch up. It is always a ton of fun.

Also, read you are thinking about running for a position. Another thing I can't recommend enough. I've run for a few things, never got elected, but if I did I wouldn't have done some of the things, like Nursing Ideas, that got me to where I am today. Remember to take it all in stride, win or lose, it is all about what you do that counts.

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