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Sunday, May 11, 2008

On the mend, I suppose

I went to see my friend today for the first time after her surgery. She looks like death. The surgeons made a large-ish incision beside her right breast and apparently one on her back, which I didn't see.

She is stoned right over the moon, although I don't know what they gave her. Being that it's Mother's Day today, I went and got her some pretty purple flowers (her favorite color) and a nice Get Well card, in which I wrote a touching passage about what she means to me. Well, I thought it was touching.

I gave her these things and she glanced over the card and said "Oh. Thanks, dear," and then launched into some irrelevant story about God knows what. I know she was completely out of it, but my pride was a little hurt by that! I guess she'll probably read it later when she's not quite so stoned, or at least I hope so.

It was interesting especially because she said a few things that she'd NEVER say in a clear state of mind, basically making comments about people (including the student nurse) while they were still in earshot! It was a little awkward! She also didn't have any trace of the depression that has been clouding her for a few years now. I got to see my old friend again, and that was special in its own way. No matter how depressed or withdrawn she gets during or after her recovery, I got to talk with her real self again today.

Regarding the student nurse that she sniped about - the nurse really wasn't the most welcoming presence in the room. I hesitate to jump to TOO many conclusions, but she gave me the impression that she was a somewhat joyless scrub-fashionista. No smiles in her direction were returned to anybody. Yikes.

Lessons learned today:

a) People on drugs tend to speak bluntly and without particular regard for who may be in earshot

b) It can't possibly be that hard to cast so much as a smile at people who just had their lives turned upside down by disease and/or major surgery

c) I love you friend, even more, now that I remember who you were when I met you


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